Rottweiler – diet, habitat, facts and lifespan with images

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Updated: September 13, 2017

If you are a dog lover then you will really enjoy knowing these few interesting things about the Rottweiler.



Physical Features of Rottweiler

Since the Rottweiler is a dog, you would guess that like most dogs, it is a four-legged mammal with the ability to give birth to its young alive. There are very few purebred dogs around; this meaning that most dogs share the distinguishing features of their different pedigree resulting to dogs of unique features that are mostly different from their purebred ancestors. To that end, we are creating more dog breeds everyday; making it difficult to correctly pin the features of any breed to certain particular criteria. For example, we could say that Rottweiler’s generally have slightly bigger heads than most dogs. Then, when you meet a Rottweiler half-breed that has been crossed with another dog breed (it is, technically, still a Rottweiler), it will have different features and, of course, different size of head.

Dogs are in fact, members of the wolf-like family of the Canis genus (canines). Some breeds tend to look more like their wild cousins while others do look a bit too domesticated and pet-like. They are used to human behavior and can sustain unique relationships with humans due to their association with humans. Dogs are majorly carnivores like their wolf cousins and would very love to feed on your house cat or your pet parrot; however, they can be sustained by a purely starch-based diet due to their long interaction with humans – unlike the wolves.

Dogs are generally protective of their territories and are therefore solitary animals. However, a pack can be found when a group of any three of them are found together; either working to achieve a common goal or to protect their shared territories. Most domesticated dogs are docile with pet dogs being the least dangerous. Feral dogs are wild, untamed and undomesticated. Well, if a domesticated dog returns to the wild to reside for a long time away from the company of human being, it has become feral showing signs of a less docile, dangerous temperament.

The Rottweiler is, in fact, of German origin. It is a very large dog and more muscular compared to other dogs. It can be quite frightening if your neighbor’s dog is a huge muscular Rottweiler, even to your petite pet toy poodle.

The Rottweiler is double-coated with short thick furs and can be a mixture of black and tan or black and mahogany shade of color. The dog has very sturdy limbs and flabby ears; well they are the true image of ‘dog-eared’. They live really long; having a lifespan of close to 10 years. Aging is quite slow once they reach their mid-growth climax.



The Rottweiler breed, like most dog breeds, is dimorphic and therefore difference in size will be noticed between the male and female kinds. While male Rottweiler species can grow up to a height of 24in. to 27in. and weigh around 110 to 130 pounds, the female Rottweiler kinds may  grow to a height of only 22 to 25in. and  a weight range of about 77 to 106 pounds.


Rottweiler Temperament

I have often thought dogs to be very brutal mangy beasts, especially, huge muscular dogs. Well, study shows that the Rottweiler is a very useful, intelligent and usually calm dog when not provoked (I don’t believe those studies!).

However, in the past (and even presently), these dogs are used as guard dogs for livestock. Do not set your untrained Rottweiler lose on your sheep to avoid a massacre. The dogs are also used as police dogs in Police K9 units and as guide dogs for persons with ocular defects. Etymologically, Rottweiler is referred to as the butcher’s dog due to their use for herding livestock.
It goes to prove that while Rottweilers are fierce formidable dogs when placed on guard, they can be patient enough to lead a blind person and kind enough to not murder your livestock while you sleep, when trained.


Rottweiler Puppies

So, dogs that are immature, whether male or female, and are incapable of reproduction are puppies. The Rottweiler puppies, like the puppies of most dog breeds, are cute beautiful creatures; that is until they grow older.

These puppies are only a fraction of their true size when born and can sometimes forget how big they have become when grown. The Rottweiler puppies are territorial and very protective giving them an aggressive kind of temperament. They can be really sweet and very cuddly and they react well to people.

Rottweiler bitches can give birth to up to an average of 8-12 puppies at once. Given good health conditions and proper nutrition, the whole litter will make it to adult dog life. Rottweiler bitches are caring mammals, patiently feeding the puppies by breastfeeding them the first few months. Breastfeeding period may vary depending on the dog, leading up to weaning.

Rottweiler puppies have great strength and energy. They often would play and run around for hours on end. The neck of the Rottweiler even in its puppy stage is strong, fairly long and well muscled. The Rottweiler neck is not made of flabby skin tissue; it is quite taut with stumpy tail due to docking.


Appealing Rottweiler Pictures











German Rottweiler

I believe Rottweiler dog breeds are from Germany where they are known as the Rottweiler Metzgerhund (the butcher’s dog). Rumor points to their origin from Rome.

Certain Rottweiler breeders will refer any Rottweiler breed that its ancestry can be traced back to Germany as a German Rottweiler. This means that if your dog was born in Germany or the dog that sired it is from Germany, the dog most definitely is German.

German Rottweiler have a calm and well-suited temperament for assisting the blind or as calculative for security dogs, patient and mild for working and family dogs. Basically, your German Rottweiler should be from Germany, and not be an untrainable jackal. Certain rules disprove of dock-tailed Rottweiler being recognized as German.


The American Rottweiler

Basically, the only difference between the two country-recognized dog breeds will be their origin. Therefore, the American Rottweiler must and should have an American ancestry.

The dock-tailed dogs are recognized as long as they or their sires are born in America. There may also be difference in size requirements. The requirement for the size of the American Rottweiler is not as strict as the requirement for the size of the German Rottweiler.


Temperamental requirements are also relaxed for the American dogs (seeing as American is progressively liberal or liberally progressive?).  American Rottweiler are, however, to be well trained with exceptional good patience level and less aggressive tendency. Who wouldn’t want their dogs to be friendly?

The ADRK (Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub) regulates the status of German Rottweiler while the Americans have the AKC (the American Kennel Club) to do that for them and both have not so different views as to which Rottweiler to call American and which to call German. Commonly, these dogs, whether American or German, must be purebred Rottweiler.

Now, here is the hard part. What if your dog was born in Germany by an American dam and sire, does it make it German or American? Who knows? The ADRK has set up guidelines concerning this kind of mix-up. Ultimately, the dog is of German origin, but whether the dog will meet the size and temperament requirements of the ADRK depends totally on the pedigree of the dog – the dog’s ancestors or bloodline; family tree if you like. A dog born by German sire and dam has a higher chance of being recognized as a German Rottweiler by the ADRK due to its more muscular build and greater size, likewise the dog born of American sire and dam. The dog Breed Suitability Test is administered before registration.


The German Shepherd-Rottweiler Breed

Most dogs we see around have been crossbred with different original purebred dogs resulting to a multiplicity of dog breeds with more desired features.


The Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. The crossbred dogs have a higher life span and increased muscle strength and ferocity. Even though the mix is, evidently, aggressive, all well trained dogs behave themselves and are quite useful as guard dogs and protectors. So, you can go ahead and leave your baby with your dog, if it is well trained, it can be a good companion dog.

The crossbreed will maintain its Rottweiler height of 22-27in. and an average weight of 77-115 pounds with recorded lower muscle and bone density making it slightly faster and more efficient than the purebred Rottweiler. The crossbred dog will enjoy the company of other dogs and may have more of the qualities of one of the parent breeds rather than a balance of both. They are relatively to train and react well to children when trained early.

The German Shepherd is a superior herding dog. It is highly intelligent and has high athletic ability. The Rottweiler breed is as we have described them. The crossbreed of the two gets its qualities mixed up to account for the crossbreeding. The Rottweiler is a domesticated dog (most dogs are) and are therefore not endangered due to their wonderful and special relationship with humans.

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