Puppies – habitat, size, species and diet with pictures

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Updated: August 25, 2017

Puppies are little dogs which can weigh between 1 to 20 lbs. They have a coat color which changes as they grow older. Puppies are born after an average of abouts 63 day and begin to nurse almost immediately. Human intervention in feeding the puppies is required especially when they are born in a litter of more than six puppies.

They should be introduced to solid food after about one month of age. Most of this solid food is regurgitated by the mother or is sometimes provided for by the mother. This weaning period is a time of great change for the puppies because the mother will gradually stop nursing her puppies. Puppies are highly social animals which spend most of their waking hours socializing with their mother or their little mates.

They develop social skills with people at the age of about ten to twelve weeks. There are different types of puppies depending on their breeds. The most common puppies are the rottweiler, the German shepherd, the corgi and the golden retriever puppies. All these puppies have special distinctive characteristics which make them stand out. For a healthy growth and development, puppies require the presence of their mother and the support offered by humans.


Golden Retriever puppies

The golden retriever puppies are majestic animals which are compassionate listeners as well. They have a magic about them and this makes people attracted to them. They have beautiful eyes that have some sort of magic around them. Looking at these puppies has a calming effect on people because it is so comforting. The puppies are very loyal and obedient and are known to be good companions to people. They form a strong bond with their owner at quite an early age.

Their joyfulness and happiness are very contagious and they make very good therapeutic dogs. They are known to be very good stress relievers and it is advisable to be in the company of these dogs in stressful situations.

These puppies can weigh about 10 to 70 pounds at about 8 weeks of age. The golden retriever puppy can make your moments very interesting especially when it is in a playful mode. It is involved in any type of play that one can imagine of. Some of these playful incidents include games such as chewing your socks. running away with your toilet paper or even falling asleep on your lap.

They are such adorable animals and are very popular in the US and other countries. They have a very attractive smile which enables them to make friends with people and other animals as well. Their friendliness makes them unsuitable to act as guard dogs because they have the habit of greeting every stranger with a welcoming smile. This is a good thing because a puppy this adorable is definitely going to be a popular one.

The puppy needs a lot of grooming and bathing to make its coat to look healthy and have a shiny look. This is also useful in reducing the rate at which it sheds off its fur. One is able to reduce messy conditions by proper grooming of this type of puppy.

The golden retriever should, therefore, be daily exercise and be exposed to human interaction. It should be taught obedience lessons and engaged in active games including retrieving sessions. These are the best approach to exercise its mind and body. Being a social dog, the golden retriever is very comfortable when she shares her life with her family. Her coat does not mat regularly but this should not be a reason not to brush her coat regularly.


German Shepherd puppies

The German shepherd is a most popular dog because of its various positive features. This dog types are very intelligent and capable animals that are always ready to work. They have a playful attitude and will always be seen snuggling and playing, in addition to having a goofy demeanor.

The German shepherd puppies are protective animals, especially to their family. They are very eager in whatever they do and exhibit features of a dog with a purpose. This is the reason they make such good work dogs. They are used as police or military dogs including working as guides or aids for the disabled or the blind.

The puppy’s purpose is always to please the owner and make sure that he/she is safe from strangers or dangerous incidents. However, the German shepherd puppies are very heavy shedders and shed off their coats frequently. It is, therefore, good to be prepared for such eventuality by taking appropriate measures to deal with the shedding situation.

These puppies are a very active breed of dogs that require lots of play and stimulation. They are known for their nipping habit which is as a result of their herding background. They also love to wrestle with each other or with people in an effort to test their fighting skills. Nevertheless, the German shepherd puppies can also be soft animals despite having such intimidating looks. This is possible if the puppies are socialized very early in their growing life. The puppies always need the attention of the owner and will want to always be in their company.


Corgi puppies

These puppies are regarded as kings and queens because of their royalty. They are puppies with short and stubble legs including a long hotdog type of body. Their faces are usually filled with emotions and this makes them quite adorable dogs.

These puppies are very much liked and can be found in palaces or royal homes because they are much loved by royalty. These are highly intelligent dogs which were a favorite dog type of the British Royal Family for more than half a century. During her reign, Queen Elizabeth owned more than thirty dogs of this type. These puppies also like playing and are known to have high energy. They are also nippers due to their background in herding livestock. They have faces that tell you many things. They have poker faces which have the characteristic of exposing their attitude on their faces.

There are two distinct types of the corgi puppies and these include the Pembroke and Cardigan puppies. The corgis are known to be of two separate breeds. This recognition was, however, only noted in the 1930s. This distinction does not stop them from being cute, smart and playful. They are athletic, herding breeds whose favorite meal is not the doggy type of menu but a liking for snacks. The puppies require a lot of exercises to make them fit and happy.


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Rottweiler puppies

The rottweiler puppies is a domestic dog which has a medium-to-large body size. In the German language, these puppies they are known as Rottweil butchers’ dogs. The reason is that among their many uses, they are also used to herd livestock and pull carts that are loaded with butchered meat. These dogs are also used as search and rescue dogs, and as guide dogs for the disabled and the blind.

Rottweilers puppies are feared for their aggressiveness and this is such an unfair reputation because they are such adorable dogs. However, when not properly socialized, these puppies tend to be quite aggressive. This dog type has a naturally loving and loyal personality trait and is always eager to please its family. It is an extremely protective animal which can do almost anything to protect its owner and family. They can sometimes be overly aggressive when protecting their families.

However, this dog type is also able to meet new strangers without being on the offensive when it is properly socialized. Little rottweiler puppies need lots of play time with fellow dogs and human too. They love being engaged both mentally and physically. They also need physical stimulation and lots of fetch-ins to keep them both physically, mentally strong, and alert. Rottweiler puppies are known to be among the top ten smartest dogs in the world – and they are not shy to exhibit such a fact.

Rottweilers also have weird behaviors and characteristics which include drooling, gassing from the rear and burping. Although not all rottweilers will exhibit such characteristics but this is common with this breed type. They make up for this behavior by exercising, cuddling and kissing just to clear the room.


Sometimes rottweilers love leaning on people and this can be tiring because they are big and very heavy and this is a fact that is lost on them. The rottweiler puppy will weigh about 100-130Ibs when it is fully grown. This leaning behavior is strongly influenced by their herding background. They lean on people as a sign of leading someone to treats the same way they would lead cattle to the pen. They sometimes forget about their weight and can sleep on your lap or stomach without a care.

They have an intimidating look and are sometimes beautified by their owner to look more presentable. They are also heavy shedders and shed their coat frequently. This can cause a big mess. It is, therefore, suitable to be prepared for the shedding if you want to keep a rottweiler. To manage the shedding one requires providing daily brushing and weekly baths to help reduce the amount of fur that is deposited in your house wherever the pup sits.

Breeders who are interested in the rottweiler puppies should, therefore, aim for a dog that is black coated with a powerful appearance that displays, and one that is well suited as a companion, and working dog. The dog should have endurance, balance, proportionality, strength, and intelligence.




Puppies are known to be such beautiful animals which tend to change as they approach adulthood. There are different of breeds of puppies that are known. Some of the most common ones include the rottweilers, the German shepherds, the corgis and the golden retriever puppies. All these puppies display different personality traits and habits. However, the most common behavior that is exhibited in all these puppies is their playful nature. All puppies love to play amongst themselves and with people and this is good for their growth and development.

Their distinctive qualities are found in their temperament, likability, physical features and intelligence. These features vary from one breed of puppy to the other including their degree.

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