Sealion – habitat, diet, size and species with images

Sea lions appeared almost 23 million years ago. They are from pinnipeds group of animals. They are believed to be marine mammals. There are 7 different species of them. They are really fascinating animals that can grow up to be very large. Their body is favorably designed for movement in water as well as on land. You may find sea lions to be lazy but in reality it is just that they enjoy lazing around in the sun.


Bee – habitat, size, species and diet with pictures

What is your perception of bee? Do you see bees just as insects who are capable of producing honey? There is so much more to bees than meets the eye. Researchers have taken up the idea behind bees and have studied deeply to reveal everything they can about the life of a bee.


Turtle – habitat, size, species and diet with pictures

Turtles are reptilian animals. They are amphibious in nature and even though they slow to move on land their movement is quite lucid under water. They are characterized by a hard shell developed from their ribs to protect them. There are three hundred twenty-seven species known today. They have been on planet Earth for about two hundred million years.


Panda – diet, habitat, species and size with pictures

Legend states that the pandas were once all white bears. A young girl was killed while trying to save a panda cub from a leopard and supposedly the Pandas arrived to her funeral wearing an armband of black ash. As they hugged each other and wiped their tears and covered their ears the black ash smudged.


Owl – facts, habitat, diet and size with pictures

Owls are the creatures of the night. Well, this may sound dreadful, but it is not actually. Owls are a pretty good bird with their cute and humanly face. Yes, they can be fierce at times, but they are regarded as good and faithful pets too. But that is not it! Owls hold lots of secrets, exciting and somehow fun facts within themselves. Here, I will try to unveil some of the facets.


Lion – facts, habitat, diet and size with pictures

The lion is called the King of the Jungle and its majestic mane gives it a regal look. Of all the cats, it is the second largest in the world only a bit smaller than a tiger. Lions are found in two regions of the world – African lions are found in Central and Southern areas of Africa and the Asiatic Lion is only found in the Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat, India. These big cats are at top of the food chain and have no natural predator. Although in India the Asiatic Lion population fell drastically due to trophy hunting and now due conservation efforts has been partly revived.

elephant facts

Elephant – habitat, diet, size and species with images

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an elephant? Well life isn’t easy being the largest terrestrial animal on earth. About 16-18 hours of the day are spent in food related activities:  foraging and of course eating as much as 300 pounds of food everyday just to stay healthy and alive. They are also an incredibly smart and intelligent animal.