Greyhound dog – diet, habitat, species and size with pictures

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Updated: March 12, 2017

Greyhound is a very peaceful dog.  It really barks and will be found walking majestically around the homestead.  It has a smooth coat mostly distributed with two color pattern.  This gentle, intelligent dog is very independent.  It has a strong deep chest and long powerful legs.  The spine is very flexible.  Greyhound has a slim physical appearance.  The male are larger than the female.  Their shoulder height ranges between 71 cm and 76 cm.  The females’ shoulder height ranges between 68 cm and 71 cm.


Greyhounds’ weight ranges between 27 Kg and 34 Kgs.  Greyhound has short, easy to maintain fur of different colors.  Some greyhounds have one unique colors others have a combination of two colors.  It is easy to note from the physical appearance that greyhound is a very fast animal.  It runs at a speed of between 64 km/ph and 70 km/ph.  Greyhounds are domestic animals bred in order to hunt wild game and for racing.  Greyhounds have a very strong sense of sight and smell.   Some people keep greyhound as a pet because of its mild and friendly nature.


Greyhound dog breed

Greyhound is mostly likened to a cat.  It is quiet dignified and very independent.  It is a very admirable animal in the homestead.  It moves lightly, majestically and gracefully. Greyhound loves a quiet environment.  It does well when bred by soft spoken people and in an environment that is not littered with loud music.  When well-handled greyhound is very friendly and will always want to hang around the person who takes care of it.  Greyhounds are reserved animals and will not want to interact with strangers.


Just like other dogs, some greyhound will chase after cats and other smaller dogs.  Greyhounds will live peacefully with medium sized dogs and large dogs.  It is important to teach these greyhounds to live with cats and other smaller dogs.  Greyhounds are teachable animals and will learn and adopt faster since they live in homestead and you cannot miss cats in most homestead.

Greyhounds have very short smooth fur.  Their bodies have no fat because most of it is shed during sprinting and while doing racing. It is therefore important to note that this breed is vulnerable to cold.  Let them stay indoors during the cold season.  Cover it with a warm cloth when out on a chilly day.  Greyhound catches cold and fever easily when exposed to cold weather.

Greyhounds are very intelligent animals.  They are also very sensitive.  When trained by a soft spoken friendly person they learn very fast.  You will be amazed at how fast greyhounds learn and respond to instructions.  You don’t have to train it repeatedly as long as you are friendly and corrects it in a soft friendly way.  It also likes to be complimented where it has done well.

Unlike other dogs which bark continuously at strangers, greyhound will politely bark just once, its short ears will stand still and it will look to the direction where the stranger is coming from.  The most surprising thing about greyhound is that it uses its sense of smell to smell strangers and even when inside the house you can be alert whenever it smells a stranger.


After a race, a sprint or after hunting, greyhound can sleep the rest of the time.  It is therefore considered as a lazy animal.  It is affectionate to the members of family but can be indifferent to strangers.  Greyhound puppies can be hyperactive if not taught how to utilize their energy.  Retired greyhounds are not active and can sleep for more than 18 hours in a day.

It is important to breed the greyhound in an enclosed safe area in which it can sprint a couple of times in a day or in a week.  Greyhound require some hours of exercise in order to sheer speed.  It gets contented after the exercise and spends the rest of the day sleeping.  Greyhound is a very fast animal.  Most people breed it so that they can use it to hunt game and for racing.  It rarely barks and will coil its tail between its back legs and hide at the sight of strangers hence, it cannot be reared for protection like other dogs.  This docile animal is very sensitive to torch light.  If you torch it unexpectedly it gets startled.

You could by now be wondering where you can get this greyhound breed, maybe a puppy or a mature greyhound.  There are a few people who do this business of interbreeding and selling the puppy but to get such puppy you have to place an order because the demand is high.  The other way to get these greyhounds is to visit the rescue centers.  They will teach you how to handle greyhounds and what to feed them. Most people will abandon their greyhound after a race and you will see many of them loitering so you can pick any which pleases you before the rescue team come for them.  Look for a good veterinarian who will check if it is in good health condition.  The veterinarian will advise you on the recommended food for the puppy and the greyhound. The right nutrition is very important for the growth and development from when it is a puppy up to when it matures.



Long haired Greyhound

The long haired greyhound, also known as Borzoi, is believed to have originated from Afghan hounds and the Kyrgyz Taigan.  They have a long hairy coat which comes in different colors.  Some have silky and flat hair while others have soft curly hair.  The hair tends to grow longer during winter or in cold weather.  It is usually shed during the summer or in hot weather to avoid overheating.  The hairy male greyhound weighs around 45 kgs.  The female weighs around 38 Kgs.

They are quiet, peaceful and independent.  They rarely bark and cannot be relied to raise an alarm in case of an intruder.  Most people keep long haired greyhound for its beauty.  They are very loving towards the people they are familiar with but quite reserved with strangers.  They have natural home manners and they respect humans. Long haired greyhounds are intelligent and learn very fast.  They at times can be very stubborn and get bored quickly especially if they are repeatedly asked to do the same thing.  They are good in athletes and can run very fast.


Cute Greyhound Dog Photos










Long haired greyhound is calm and independent.  They cannot be relied to raise an alarm when it smells or sees a stranger. Most people keep them as pets.  They are very friendly but like any other animal, can be aggressive if roughly handled.  They tend to be reserved with strangers.  Just like other greyhound, the long haired greyhounds are very intelligent and are fast learners.  They are sensitive and love a quiet environment.  They can be stubborn toward a harsh trainer or owner.


It is important to brush its hair at least twice in a week in order to remove the loose hair and keeps it tidy looking.  It is also important to bath the long haired greyhound at least once or twice a week.  The long hair can attract dirt very easily.  Use a mild shampoo to wash it. Children like patting the soft hair of the long haired greyhound and that is another reason why these long haired greyhounds should be kept clean all the time.  They like sprinting, chasing after cats and small dogs.  They should be kept in an enclosed place to avoid them from running after anything and causing problems with the neighbors.



American greyhound

After a race most retired greyhounds are abandoned by their owners.  They stray around everywhere wondering where to go.  Some will wonder for many months and even forget how it was like living in a home.  They have no food and will depend on wild game.  They are rained on and most of them die from diseases brought about by cold weather.

American greyhound is a corporation which rescues the retired greyhound.  They give home to these straying greyhounds.  They screen them to find out if they are infected with any disease.  The ones infected are treated.  They also make adopting this greyhound easy and simple.  For those people who want to adopt a retired greyhound they just contact the coordinators and they start the process.  Since it is a registered coordination with legal authority to rescue the greyhounds they will give you documents to show that you are the rightful owner.  The adoption coordinator helps people know the right greyhound which will be suitable for their homes.  They also teach them how to handle greyhounds and what to feed them.  The American greyhounds’ main aim is to find home for the retired and unwanted greyhounds.




Greyhounds are friendly animals with a lifespan of between 10 and 12 years. It is important that all members of the family learn how to handle them and to avoid loud music or shouting at the greyhound.  Greyhound on the other side should be trained on how to live harmoniously with the members of family.

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