French bulldogs – habitat, size, species and diet with pictures

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Updated: July 14, 2017

When you think about French bulldogs, what comes to your mind is most likely some exotic species of bulldogs that have some special attributes. If you think of them in that light, you are not making a mistake. The French bulldog is actually one of the most interesting type of bulldogs in the earth, and you will soon know why.

Before you read any further, it is important to note that these bulldogs are not actually from France. No. Not at all. To get things started, let us begin with French bulldog puppies.


French Bulldog Puppies

There are some animals that are cute only in the adult form, and there are those that are cute both as newborns and adults. French bulldog puppies are some of those animals that are cuties from the day of their birth to death.

As one would expect of dogs, they are playful. But when it comes to frenchie puppies, playfulness is not only an attribute; it is an essential way of life. Vibrant and beautiful, these puppies are some of the best non-human companions you may get out there.  When people say dog is man’s best friend, the dog in question may as well be a frenchie puppy.

Just weeks after birth, the French puppy is ready for sale. Breeders have exhibition rooms where intending buyers can view and purchase the puppies. In recent times, breeders have resorted to the use of websites to either privately list their puppies or as advertise them in leading related online stores. Depending on the type, a puppy could cost anything from $1000 to $5,000.


Blue French Bulldogs

Of French bulldog types in existence, none is more special or rarer than the blue French bulldog. Interestingly, it is just the same as any other type but has a few unique, easily observable features. Its most easily observable features include its blue fur that is rare to come by. For better understanding, let’s consider more facts about it in detail.

Blue French bulldogs can get really cold if their owners don’t keep adequate watch. There is need to keep the warm always yet not too hot as heat harms them. Simple ways to keep them warm include taking them along when you go on a jogging session. Beware, however, that they also easily run out of breath. So, when you are dealing with a dog as lazy yet as popular as a blue frenchie, it’s slow and steady.


Black French Bulldog

The black French bulldog is not really different from the blue French bulldog already described. In fact, the black Frenchie is just a Frenchie that has a black fur instead of the rare blue fur.

Ordinarily, a black French bulldog is quite bigger than the blue one and looks almost like the average bulldog. its head is as big as one would expect of a bulldog and its floppy ears also live up to expectation. It is easier to produce a black Frenchie naturally than the blue one. As a result, it is more common than the blue one, and this means it is cheaper to buy in the pet market.


French Bulldog Breeders

A French bulldog breeder is one who is into the business of rearing these animals by producing them and grooming them. Owing to the impressive demand for this kind of bulldog, especially the green type, it is important that special care and attention is paid to their breeding.
The importance of French bulldog breeders is best understood when you shop around for the blue frenchie. Very rarely does it breed naturally. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of blue frenchies in existence today owe their lives to the salient job of breeders who produce them via artificial insemination. And since the size of their heads could cause problems for their mothers if birth through the natural birth canal is allowed, most breeders deliver these dogs of their babies through cesarean section.

Imagine the loss in terms of life and money which the breeder will incur if the bulldog suffers considerable, or even fatal damage during parturition. And if it a blue frenchie is lost, it is most certain that thousands of dollars will be lost. Have you tried comparing prices for frenchies recently? They will definitely blow your mind.

Adorable French Bulldog Photos











Miscellaneous Interesting facts About French Bulldogs

I hope you have learnt a thing or two about frenchies so far. In this section, however, we will look at some of the most interesting facts about French bulldogs. If they are expensive, there must be certain attributes of theirs that make it so. Let’s see them now.

Fact #1: They are Loyal Companions
They make for the perfect pets anyone would want in a home. Hardly do they bark, and when they do so, aren’t noisy. They are known to easily blend with other animals or pets that may be in the home. Additionally, they are portable enough to be carried around.
Fact #2: They Are Poor at Swimming
You have seen dogs swim with their owners in pools or at the beach and think you can, and should do same, right? Sure you can have your own lovely puppy join you by the pool or beach but that puppy will not be a French bulldog. Frenchies may be well known for their playfulness on the ground but definitely not on water. They will sink straight to the bottom of your pool, faster than the Titanic sank, if you don’t keep them away from your pool.
Fact #3: They May Die While Flying
If you love to travel with your pets, then it is important to understand how your pet reacts to heights and other situations which you may not be aware of. French bulldogs – for instance – have a much shorter snout than the regular bulldog. What this means is that they can suffocate more easily than other species in a somewhat ‘air tight’ chamber such as inside an aeroplane. But this shouldn’t be a big problem as there are airlines dedicated to pet transport – they provide maximum care, including medical treatment for your dear pet from departure to arrival.

Fact #4: They Are Natural Talkatives
You may be wondering how it is that a dog that does not bark that much talks a whole lot. Well, that is perhaps another wonder this dog has shown humans. Frenchies ‘talk’ a lot. In fact, they seem to cover up with dog-talk, what they don’t do in barking. Through a combination of various sounds they produce from their vocal cords, they try to produce communicative sounds as frequently as possible. A don’t sing solo when you have a frenchie as a pet. They have been known to sing along or attempt to sing along with you when you sing a song. Hope you found yourself a sort of back-up singer.
Fact #5: They Can be Shy
Do you still remember how you did feel in the past? When mum or dad would scold you for leaving the refrigerator door open, or for spilling milk of the varnish or for dumping your toothbrush in the WC? That’s exactly how French bulldogs react. They would feel cold, remorseful, apologetic and bad, when they are scolded. Interestingly, the same good treatment which brings out the best in children, brings out the best in these dogs. Being emotional creatures, they appreciate positive treatment, encouragement and love.
Fact #6: Artificial Insemination All the Way!
Ok. May be not completely all the way, but it’s the option most times. Since these dogs don’t deliver many puppies at once, and the chance of producing the blue type is very slim, artificial insemination has become the order of the day in French bulldog breeding. Additionally, mating is not really smooth in these dogs since the male hardly gets enough time and opportunity to mate the female. Through AI, the most desirable traits are retained in a perfect genetically controlled breeding process. Very clearly, you now know why these dogs are quite expensive.

Fact #7: The Celebrities’ Choice
When it comes to attracting celebrities, frenchies are on a winning streak. There seems to be a craze for them among celebrities these days. Who wouldn’t want to be the proud owner of a pet as rare and as special as a blue frenchie? There are a host of high profile celebrities who keep fancy French bulldogs. The Handsome Leonardo diCaprio owns a cute one named Django. It is the same with Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman and many others.
Fact #8: Heat Means Death for Them
You certainly don’t want to expose these dogs to intense heat as they are known to show zero tolerance for them. In fact, heat is the leading climatic factor responsible for their death. The reason heat affects them so terribly is because they have very tiny nostrils which allows only little air to pass through as a time. In rare cases, veterinary surgeons have had to carry out surgery to widen very thin nostrils.


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